Smart Return to School Plan

Oberon Elementary School District COVID-19 PLANNING

The district strives to provide a healthy and safe environment for all who occupy the Oberon Elementary School.  The following guidelines are intended to provide a framework for the district’s response to COVID-19.


Despite taking every reasonable precaution, there is no guarantee that our school will be without risk as it relates to COVID-19.  The virus will be present on our buses in our classrooms, and at our activities. In certain situations, social distancing is not possible in a school setting.  The actions of the Oberon Elementary School as outlined in this plan, will not prevent any student or staff member from being in contact with the virus.


School will remain closed for general in-person instruction.  All instruction must continue via distance learning whether digital or non-digital (see Oberon K-6 Updated, DISTANCE LEARNING PLAN/Levels of learning Plan)

  • HEALTH AND SAFETY PLAN: Oberon Public School will submit the written Health and Safety Plan in preparation to move into the yellow phase. This plan will be approved by the District School Board in consultation with the Benson County Public Health Unit and with resources available through the Spirit Lake tribal Health Unit.  It will be published on the school district webpage and be available in the Oberon Public School Administrative Assistant’s office.   School Meals will continue through this phase.

  • COMMUNICATION: Ongoing communication with families will be through the school web page, letters and calls from school staff, and newsletters sent home with the student. This will include information from the Health and Safety Plan as needed and communications from local public and tribal health agencies regarding practicing  safe hygiene in the home.  Listen to KZZY and KABU for up to date announcements regarding school scheduling and announcements.

K-12 Smart Restart



Oberon Elementary School will provide a plan for hybrid and in-person instruction. A written Health and Safety Plan will be presented to the district school board for approval.   This plan has been completed in consultation with the Benson County Public Health, Spirit Lake Public Health, and the input of the Oberon School COVID 19 TEAM. It will be available on the school district’s webpage and may be obtained from the administrative assistant’s office. The plan will be sent to each family by mail and will be sent home with children for parents or guardians.

The elements for the plan in the yellow phase are nearly identical to the green and blue phases.  In this phase, the Oberon Public School will be alert to the possibility of increased community spreads and the need to transition into distance learning.

This phase should emphasize facial coverings, personal hygiene and social distance practices.

Yellow Phase MUST include the following:


  • COVID-19 RESPONSE PLAN: Identification of a “COVID-19 COORDINATOR and COVID-19 TEAM with defined roles and responsibilities for health and safety preparedness and response planning.


      • Superintendent Jordan Brown Contact person

        • Will be lead communication with Public and Tribal Health.



          • Must report cases to public and tribal health.

          • Must respond to phone calls from public health.

          • Will assist in identifying and notifying close contacts in the school setting.

          • Responsible for notifying the state superintendent of cases occurring in the school setting

          • Will monitor students and staff for symptoms.

          • Log student and staff history of exposure and absenteeism.

          • Rapidly notify parents and staff of any exposure in the school setting.


          • Process for staff or student or visitor to isolate when becoming ill or exposed.

            • Move to designated isolation room

              • Call parent or guardian immediately

              • Log the call. List purpose of the call and record outcome.

              • Log periodic temperature check

              • Temp of 100.3 will require notification of care provider and be transported.

              • Arrange for transport to appropriate place



    • Post signs at entrance to building indicating that isolation is in place

    • Have sanitizer near door to room for monitoring person

    • Isolated individual wears a mask at all time, monitor wears a mask and uses sanitizer when entering and exiting room

    • Call for transport and provide protective mask and sanitizer to transport crew.

    • Provide contact information to public health

    • Student or staff may not reenter school until they are given a health clearance by public health or medical provider. This clearance notification will be logged and filed in student log.



    • The Oberon School Health and Safety Plan will be distributed to all staff and faculty

    • Mandatory Covid -19 training of faculty and staff and appropriate use and wearing of facial coverings. This training will take place AUGUST 18 @ 1:00PM and will be done by the Benson County Public Health Nurse.  Have all staff sign attendance sheet indicating they were present at the training.  Spirit Lake Public Health and Behavioral Health personnel have been consulted and will be invited to provide consultation to staff and administration when possible.  Spirit Lake Tribe Website COVID Page provides up-to -date information and informational postings for teachers and families.

    • Staff at the school will use ongoing communication with families, educating them on the Health and Safety Plan and encourage safe hygiene in the home.



    • Facial coverings (masks and face shields) shall be worn by staff and students when social distancing is not possible.

    • Each student will receive 5 washable face masks

      • The masks will be in bags designated for each school day. Bus drivers will have the bags on the bus, distribute a mask for each day. At the end of the day, the mask is put into container by each student’s desk to be washed and sanitized.  When this is complete, the mask is given to the bus driver to be reused for the student on a different day.

    • Visual Guidelines for hygiene practices for students and staff will be posted in restrooms and classrooms, hallways, kitchen, and transportation. These will include the manner and frequency for hand washing and other best practices. Reminders for Sanitize, Wash hands, Wear Masks, Social Distance will be posted in numerous locations around the school and in classrooms.





    • Classroom Teachers will be responsible to follow the CDC and Oberon School guidelines for each classroom and common space used.

    • Teachers and staff will submit requests for supplies and special preventative equipment (plastic shields, etc) that are needed for their area and instruction. PPE gowns will be available in case a student requires touch for first aid, comforting etc.

    • Classroom/learning space occupancy that allow for separation of students and staff throughout the day will be at a maximum amount feasible as determined by teacher and administration.

    • Masks will be mandatory in common areas, and congregate settings for students, faculty and staff. In the cafeteria, masks will be worn until seated to eat. Masks will be attached to lanyards to be reapplied before leaving the cafeteria.

    • Masks are not required to be worn in outside activities when social distancing is enforced. When weather permits, utilization of outdoor spaces is recommended



    • Children will not share materials to the maximum amount possible.

    • All visitors and non-essential visitors will be screened by the superintendent and will follow established guidelines for being in the building. (face masks, sanitized hands)

    • Bus drivers will adjust space occupancy on buses that allow for separation among students to the extent determined by the transportation coordinator. Buses will be cleaned and disinfected according to the established guidelines upon completion of the morning route and at the end of the evening route. This will be the responsibility of bus drivers and must be logged daily/weekly.  This log will be turned in to the Covid facilitator to maintain record of completion.

  • Oberon Public School will provide in person instruction following the development and approval of the Health and Safety Plan. This plan is subject to the approval of the Oberon Public School Board and has been developed in consultation with the local public health unit. The plan will be published on the school website and will be distributed to each parent when they register their child/children for the 2020-2021 school year.



    • Superintendent Jordan Brown will conduct training during staff in-service and will provide teachers with information packets to distribute to families on an ongoing basis to assure safe hygiene in the home.


  • Teachers and bus drivers will identify families who may need supplies in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment in the home. These needs will be referred to the COVID FACILITATOR.