School Board


Elected for 3-year term:

20 ballots vote for 2:

Kim Krebsbach received 11 of 40 votes

Robby Mock received 10 of 40 votes

Bob Stensland received 8 of 40 votes

Kim Krebsbach and Robby Mock are unofficial board members for 3-year terms.

Elected for 1-year term: 20 ballots vote for 1:

Gordon Nelson received 7 of 20 votes

Bob Stensland received 3 of 20 votes

Gordon Nelson is ineligible as he does not live in Oberon School District. This is now a vacant position.

School board will canvas election results on June 26, 2023, at 3:00 p.m

School Board Members:

  • Doris Griffin  –  President

  • Sharon Black

  • Faron Stensland

  • Norberta Greywind

  • Perry Mudgett - appointed to fill vacancy