Notification of all Policies can be found in Office under Title I, or at Insight.ND.Gov under Oberon School

August 18,2022- Parent Back to School Survey 22-23 Results

Parents completed a Survey with the 5 Focus Areas: Technology, Attendance, Utilization of the ND Department of Public Instruction Website, what is Title I Funding, and Reading Strategies.

The majority of parents (80%) wanted to learn more about Reading Strategies to use at home and in School.

September 28, 2022- Feedback on Parent Involvement Survey

Would you attend Parent Night?

If transportation was offered? YES: 28, NO: 20

If Childcare was offered? YES: 32, NO: 16

If you were reimbursed for your gas with a gas card? YES: 32, NO: 16

Thank You for your participation.